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Why you shouldn’t worry about weight loss or lack of motivation right now

There are so many things to worry about these days, weight loss shouldn’t be one of them.

I see so many gyms across the country promoting weight loss programs right now. Some even saying “be stronger than your excuses”.

While health and exercise are very important right now, telling someone to be stronger than their excuses is bullshit (in my opinion. You may disagree).

As the owner of a gym and a health coach, you may be surprised at my stance on this topic. But, it’s one I feel very strongly about.

These are not normal times, so telling someone to “be stronger than your excuses” is total and utterly unethical (in my opinion).

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or read our newsletter, you may be a little taken aback.

“But Patti, I’ve seen posts on your page that talk about excuses too?”

Yes, we have shared posts about excuses on our social media feeds. I have a team behind the scenes who schedule our social media posts to go out two weeks in advance. Once I realized that some of our posts were not sensitive to the current state of affairs, I immediately had a meeting with my team to stop sharing anything relating to weight loss, motivation or excuses.

So, what caused the change in opinion?

  • The dozens of emails and texts from our members and others asking for help with stress and binge eating.
  • Reading a Facebook post from my good friend Allison who stated ” I appreciate the “no excuses” stance, but I’d say we have a pretty legit one here, no? (With that said, I’m doing the best I can…)”
  • Comments from women I know that feel like a failure because they’re maybe eating foods they know they shouldn’t or drinking too much.
  • Seeing posts from my friends saying they were up all night worrying and crying.

Instead of worrying if you’ll gain weight during this time, or if you’ve missed more workouts than you really wanted to…. take this time to be compassionate with yourself. We have enough on our plates.

Your job right now is to maintain. Maintain your sanity. Maintain your children’s happiness. Maintain your household. And… maintain your health.

Myself and our trainers at Nerdy Girl Fitness are doing everything we can to help keep you healthy and sane by offering virtual live workouts, an online portal full of recorded workouts and nutrition education, weekly “Cocktails and Conversations” virtual get-togethers, and checking in on our members.

While the health coach in me does want you to be mindful of your health during this time, I also want you to be happy and sane at the end of all this.

So, I beg you… please don’t worry about gaining weight or bash yourself for lack of motivation.

If you need help in any kind of way, please reach out. I will do my best to help or lead you in the right direction.

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