June 17

The day I discovered I am an Emotional Eater


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The day I discovered I am an Emotional Eater

In the Spring of 2005, my mom was diagnosed with oral cancer. I was there with my mom when she was diagnosed.

The next week, on our way to Walmart, my sister called to ask if I could take a day off during the week so we could meet with my mom’s team of doctors to find out if she was able to receive treatment.

I asked my husband to pull into Dunkin’ Donuts drive through. I ordered two cream filled donuts and a Coffee Coolatta. I ate the entire order in less than 10 minutes, turned to my husband and said ‘please don’t ever let me do that again’.

That was the day I discovered I was an emotional eater.

During my portion of our ‘Women Empowered. Learn. Grow. Succeed.‘ event, happening on June 30th, I will speak of my experience as an emotional eater and what techniques I learned to help change my habits.

When life hands you lemons, how do you handle it? Do you order two cream filled donuts and a Coffee Coolatta, or do you smash the lemons and make lemonade?

During our event, you’ll hear from:

Stacy Lynn Sheppard, a Breast Cancer Warrior Queen, an Intuitive Life Coach, and mom to two beautiful children who will have you laughing and teary eyed when she shares her story of survival. Stacy will also share tools with you that will help you to live a life on your own terms and in your own control.

Erica Skoglund, a Breast Cancer Face Puncher, a mom of two beautiful girls, and a Violence Prevention Educator at Haven, who definitely smashed those lemons. You will be amazed and inspired by her story.

Eden Zook, a Chronic Pain Butt Kicker, owner/trainer/behavior consultant for Canine Karma. Although she struggles with a variety of chronic illnesses, she truly believes in not allowing it to define you. Her story will blow your mind.

Patti Fousek, Emotional Eater Destroyer (hey, that’s me!). Before I founded Nerdy Girl Fitness, I founded Nerdy Dog Fitness and Creative Mind Search Marketing. I was once known as ‘the dog lady’. My dogs Aspen (who passed last year) and Lucy were very popular on Facebook and Instagram and around the Seacoast of NH. I’ll share my struggles with emotional eating and eating disorders. My portion of the event will include workshop style activities that will help transform your mindset so that you can accomplish any goal in life!

If you’ve ever found yourself facing lemons in life and not sure how to handle them. Please come to our event. Space is limited. Lunch will be served and every wonderful lady attending will receive a complimentary goodie bag. Sign up here.

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