Forget EVERYTHING You Know About Weight Loss!

When perimenopause hit, my weight spiraled out of control! I was constantly bloated, uncomfortable and CONFUSED.

No amount of exercise or healthy eating seemed to help. I knew my weight gain was completely hormonal!

As a health coach, my first thought was: 'oh, hell no!'. Then I took matters into my own hands.

I stopped listening to nutrition advice created by males, written for athletes, and dove head first into learning everything I could about nutrition and exercise for menopause.

I learned that weight loss in mid-life needs a different approach

I put into practice what I learned and lost 5 inches off my midsection in 8 short weeks! 

AND, I still ate my favorite foods like sushi and pizza. AND, I didn't follow any strict, restrictive meal plan that would disrupt my lifestyle and annoy my husband.

That's why I created the 'Tame Menopausal Weight Gain' program. To teach other women how to control weight gain throughout menopause and beyond.

In this 8-week online program, you'll learn:

👉 Simple and powerful strategies that get you RESULTS without overhauling your complete lifestyle

👉 How to balance the 'Sassy 6' hormones that stall fat loss AND turn your body into a fat burning furnace!

👉 How to eat for fat loss specific to YOUR BODY. You'll NEVER go on another 'diet' again!

👉 Belly flattening exercise routines that all women from perimenopause to post menopause should be doing!

What you'll get:

👍 Easy-to-follow lessons and instructions that show you EXACTLY what to do each week.

👍 Guides, workbooks, and hand-outs that help you along the way

👍 A library of recorded workouts you can do anywhere, anytime suitable for ALL fitness levels.

👍 Optional LIVE workouts with me coaching you for maximum results!

👍 A private Facebook accountability group just for you

👍 Weekly Q & A sessions with me!

👍 Lifetime access to the program (even after beta) for as long as we offer it, including future revisions!

The best part is that there are no meal plans, diets, or expensive supplements. You won't even need to give up your favorite foods. Now, that's a plan I like!

Yes! I Want to ELIMINATE Menopause Weight Gain for GOOD! 

The beta program is only $147. Add optional live workouts via Zoom for only $79. 

Tame Menopause Weight Gain

P.S. Because this is my beta program, you will be asked to submit feedback about the program at each step. You will also be required to track your progress and take progress photos (don't worry, I won't use them if you don't want me too). All of your feedback will help me revise the program to be released to the public in January. 

P.S.S. I PROMISE your participation will only take a few minutes. I value your time and mine. :-)

Yours in health & awesomeness,


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