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September 2019 Queen Nerd-Celeste D!


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September 2019 Queen Nerd-Celeste D!

Name: Celeste D.
Age: (over 60! shh… we won’t tell!)
Member Since: August, 2018
Queen Nerd for September 2019

Celeste started at Nerdy Girl Fitness during a 28 day challenge at the suggestion of her friend Cindy, Queen Nerd for August 2019. Celeste then became a member and her health insurance covered the cost! (Contact us to see if your insurance will cover your membership!)

Prior to joining Nerdy Girl, Celeste tried working out on her own, even running and eventually walking 5K’s and half-marathons, but she needed more!

What does Celeste like most about Nerdy Girl Fitness? The great ladies that she gets to work out with! “I have so much fun and the workouts are great!”

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