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Read this, if you’ve been struggling…..

Why was I struggling?…

That’s what I’ve been thinking about this week as I approached this day, the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my dog Aspen.

For those that have followed my story know that my dogs are like my children. Aspen, you can say, was my first born.

We did agility together, Dock Dogs, workouts, hikes, and swims. She was my inspiration for starting The Nerdy Dog Fitness (which turned into Nerdy Girl Fitness). She would lay next to me and let me hold her paw until I fell asleep every night. Every morning I’d snuggle her while she lay on “her bed” (our guest bed) before I started my day. That was our routine for over 9 years.


Her passing threw me for a loop. Not only because it was sudden (she had a bleeding cancerous tumor in her abdomen that spread to her lungs), but because I literally lost my best friend.

For months after her passing, I found it really difficult to stick to my fitness and wellness plan. I was struggling to be consistent. I was struggling to eat well. And, I ended up gaining almost 15 pounds.

Earlier this week, I really started thinking about why I had been struggling so much.

During my initial weight loss journey 10 years ago, I struggled for the longest time because I had a closed mindset. I literally thought “this is impossible, I can’t do it”.

Once I changed my mindset, things started to fall into place and I lost close to 40 lbs.

So, the past few months, through my second journey of getting myself back into my best shape, I was struggling… Why was this?

Had I really allowed my mindset to revert from one of growth to a closed mindset?

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Why am I doing this? Was the question I asked myself.

Maybe that’s the question you’ve been asking yourself also.

Why am I resisting the stuff that I know I need to do?

Why do I keep getting in my own way?

Why do I have a hard time staying consistent?

You see, our brains are wired to protect us from the things that might cause us pain… Everything we view as pain, our body tries to protect us from it.

I realized for myself that I was accepting the stuff that I knew I shouldn’t be doing, and I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough to not do them. And, on the other hand, I wasn’t accepting the things that I should have been doing.

My mind was literally running in the opposite direction. From open to closed.

But, if we want to be successful in life, no matter the goal, we have to shift our mindset from one that is closed and resisting to one that is open and ready for growth.

Stop resisting the plan when you should be resisting excuses.

Stop resisting exercising when you should be resisting sitting around doing nothing.

What’s the thing that you have been accepting that you should be resisting?

  • Is it a plan?
  • Is it meal prepping?
  • Is it eating healthy meals?
  • Is it going to the gym?

Most of us know what we should be doing, but we’ve pushed it off for so long that it now seems like mission impossible. The more that you sit and you just think about what you should be doing, the more you’re not going to take action and the more the problem is going to continue.

It’s time to take action!!!

Who’s with me?

What do you need to be taking action with today?

  • Is it eating healthy?
  • Is it going for a walk this evening rather than sitting and watching a movie?
  • Is it cooking a healthy meal tonight rather than going to the drive-thru?
  • Is it working out at the gym today rather than having drinks with friends?

If you start resisting the wrong things and accepting the right things, it will become easier and easier to continue taking action.

Create resistance in those negative areas, and slow them down. And start accepting the good things, start taking action. It will be so much more simple the more you do it.

If you need help taking the next step, message me now and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

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Committed to your (and my) success,


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