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Jessica changed her eating habits and her waistline! [Member Success Story]

Name: Jessica O.
Age: 38
Member Since: July 2019
Queen Nerd for October 2019

Jessica, a working wife and mom of 2, started at Nerdy Girl Fitness during an 8 week challenge with a friend.

Prior to joining Nerdy Girl, Jessica ate like her teenage boys did: lots of pizza, pasta, fried foods and sweets.

The challenge she joined came with a meal plan and she actually stuck to it (well mostly!). So much so that she came in second place for the challenge, losing almost 6 pounds and over 4% body fat! To date she has lost 18 pounds, over 6% body fat and MANY inches.

What does Jessica like most about Nerdy Girl Fitness? “The classes go by super quick and I have made some really great friends.” It is now easier to keep up with her teen boys and all their activities.

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