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Nancy B is off her BP and cholesterol meds! [Member of the month]

Name: Nancy B.
Age: 50-something
Member Since: March, 2019
Queen Nerd for March 2020

Nancy is a breast cancer survivor! Once she was fully recovered, she decided to lower her risk for recurrence by eliminating her sedentary lifestyle. 

Prior to joining Nerdy Girl, Nancy had a daily bagel and cream cheese with “extra, extra” coffee. She blamed her lack of energy on her age and prior illness. “Then I received an email from Nerdy Girl saying, click here to learn more [about our latest challenge]. It was the best click of my life!”

What does Nancy like most about Nerdy Girl Fitness? “I love that Nerdy Girl is specifically for women and their unique needs. They have the friendliest members and the trainers are the best. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, 6% body fat and have been able to stop taking my blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I have so much more energy, feel less stressed, stand up straighter, breathe deeper and have a better overall sense of well-being.”

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