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Hot Mess Express Coming Through

I seriously was a hot mess the other day. Have you ever felt that way?

Like everything you do doesn’t go right.

Even your brain doesn’t want to work properly.

That was me. I even apologized for my hot messiness to the ladies that took my 8am session in our private Facebook group. I was that bad!

[BTW, I use my maiden name on Facebook…. they won’t let me change it. Long story for another time.]

So, why was I such a hot mess?

ate way too little the day before for the amount of activity I did.

Here’s one thing you should know about me.

I always use myself as an example in my coaching.

Everything I preach, I practice. So when I have an off day, or my best set plan goes awry, I tell it how it is.

This is what I told the members of our private group Nerdy Girl Fit Club:

“I ate less than 1200 calories for the day!!!! Not enough with all the activity I did.

You may be thinking that if you ate 1200 calories a day and exercised lots that you’ll lose lots of weight.


If I sustained this way of eating and exercise, my body would adjust to the lack of calories and slow down my metabolism. My body would start storing what I ate as fat.I would end up gaining weight and body fat, all the while being completely FRUSTRATED since I was ‘eating really well’ and exercising all the time.

Can you relate?

If you resonate with this, send me a pm. We should chat. 😃

For those that are curious, I ate the following:B: Kind protein peanut butter bar (don’t usually eat these, but bought them as a quick snack for our hike over the weekend)L: 3 oz chicken breast in a bowl with spinach and brown riceD: 3.5 oz pork chop, broccoli and roasted mini potatoesI missed my snacks since I had an eye dr appointment and went grocery shopping. Hence, I was a hot mess this morning!”

While my bloopers during our workout may have been funny, inside I was mortified at my lack of focus and performance.

My reason for sharing this story is to illustrate how important calories are to our everyday functioning at our best.

Too many times women I work with have been eating way too little for their bodies to function properly for years. They’re frustrated that they can’t lose weight, have no energy, and just feel plain blah.

So, what happens? They either end up binging at the end of the evening, which adds to their frustration. Or they go on a drastic diet like Keto or a shake detox program, only to find themselves feeling worse.

If you relate to any of this, hit reply and let’s chat.

To your health (and mine 🙂 ),


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