About Us

headshotHello ladies! I’m Patti Fousek, owner, lead trainer, and Certified Health Coach at Nerdy Girl Fitness.

I know what it’s like to struggle with hormonal changes and a slowing metabolism that makes it hard for women over 30 to lose weight. What we did for fitness in our 20’s no longer works for us in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s.

At the time I met my husband, at the age of 35, I thought I was fit. But the truth was, I was ‘skinny fat’. I may have looked fit, but my cholesterol and blood sugars were creeping up, but I didn’t know it. I thought I looked good. Then my weight started to increase big time. As a new home owner and wife, the household gained importance over my fitness and I stopped watching what I ate. Next thing I knew, I was 35lbs over weight, tired, sick all the time, and just plain felt awful.

At 39 I started working with a personal trainer who put nutrition and exercise into perspective for me. Suddenly something just clicked. The next thing I knew I was running 5K’s and completing the Tough Mudder. At the age of 41, I decided to pay-it-forward and become a personal trainer myself.

Nerdy Girl Fitness offers unique and personalized programs that deliver amazing results rapidly and safely. Let me help you create you’re own before and after!